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Make-up Air Fans

CA8In many ventilation solutions, an exhaust system is only as good as it’s Make-up Air counterpart. In fact, a properly installed Make-up Air Fan enables an exhaust system to work as efficiently as
possible to remove contaminated air, and it can even prevent harmful depressurization and back drafting.

Schmidt Mechanical Group offers a number of Make-up Air Fan solutions, including:

Filtered Rooftop Fans
Motorized or Motorless Economy Make-up Fans
Modular Packaged Units
In-line Filtered Fans, and more

The CaptiveAire products we install are optimized for high efficiency.

Have a question about your kitchen’s ventilation balance, or think your commercial project needs a Make-Up Air Fan to get up to code? Call us today for a free estimate or consultation.  
Schmidt Mechanical Group has a reputation built on consistency, honesty, and professionalism, and our ventilation projects are no exception. No matter if it’s a small repair or large-scale installation, we take pride in the high quality service we offer the residents of San Antonio and surrounding areas.