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New Insulation Type Might Hit the Market

Posted on December 23rd, 2014 by Schmidt Mechanical Group

Roll of fiberglass insulation material, isolated on white background.

If you could install thinner and more efficient insulation material, would you? I think we all would, however, before now that hasn’t existed. Luckily, an Iowa State University professor is working to find a cheaper alternative to our typical fiberglass panels.

The problem with fiberglass, Professor Akinc says, is “you lose that nice, high-insulating character over time. It could be OK for a refrigerator, which we can replace in 10 years or less but for buildings, we’re talking about 50-year life cycles.”

The most promising find, to date, is diatomite. He hopes this new insulator can eventually hit the market. Learn more about the story here »

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