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The Best HVAC System For Your Home

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems use different methods when bringing warm air into or out of the home. As one would expect, some systems are better than others in that they save you energy and thus money. Please see the following.

Natural Gas Systems: These systems create their own heat in the burning of natural gas. When natural gas is not available, propane is used instead. Natural gas systems are affordable and a good option for those living in colder climates. There is also less maintenance required than with a more traditional oil furnace.

Radiant Systems: These systems heat the home through a combination of hot water piping and insulated wire systems. Radiant heat systems do not circulate air, making it perfect for those who suffer sever allergies. It is also a cost-effective option as it is water-based.

Transference Systems: These systems do not create heat, making them the most energy efficient. Rather, they circulate heat around the home. A heat pump will cool the home by pushing warm air outside and heat the home by drawing warm air from the outside, in. Unfortunately for those located in extreme weather climates, this option will not provide a comfortable temperature for your home all year long.

Thanks to the ever changing world of technology, Schmidt Mechanical Group offers customers the newest energy-efficient HVAC technologies that allow residents to cool or heat their homes most effectively. For a complete list of products, click here.

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