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Tuesday Tips: Preventative Maintenance For Your HVAC System

Preventative maintenance for your HVAC system is important to assure the system runs efficiently. Schmidt Mechanical Group provides customers with seasonal maintenance in which our technicians inspect and clean the machine. To prolong your HVAC systems life, there are a few things homeowners can do. Please see the following:

  1. A homeowner should start by purchasing a high-efficiency pleated air filter. Replace the air filter every 3 months to ensure optimal air flow and lower energy bills.
  2. Make sure the outdoor unit is not crowded with leaves, pollen, or grass. This will limit the air flow and cause the machine to overwork.
  3. Clear 2 feet of space around the outdoor AC and heating units.
  4. Each month, a homeowner should inspect refrigerant lines.
  5. Every three months, a homeowner should replace the air filter.
  6. During the summer, turn off the water to the furnace humidifier.
  7. Each fall, replace the humidifier and turn on the water.
  8. Replace the carbon monoxide detector battery every year.
  9. Ensure the outdoor AC unit is on a level ground annually.
  10. Clean your AC drain with a bleach and water mixture.

For more information regarding HVAC maintenance, click here.

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