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Tuesday Tips: When Should You Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance?

All homeowners should have an understanding that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems require routine maintenance to run efficiently and effectively. While there are many ways a homeowner can play a part in increasing the unit’s lifespan, much of the repair and maintenance must be done by a professional and with the equipment that is needed.

The real trick to saving money is promptly scheduling your appointment. Waiting until your system is broken, or at the height of the hot or cold seasons will result in a homeowner waiting days or even weeks to get an appointment. Not to mention the additional cost to repair or replace the unit.

The middle of Spring is a great time to call an HVAC repair specialist. Schmidt Mechanical technicians will perform some routine maintenance on your AC system. Our technicians will replace or clean your filters, lube your motor, and check balance the refrigerant levels. Avoid sweating during the harsh Texas summer and call us today!

Should you forget to schedule your appointment with Schmidt Mechanical Group and your HVAC system suddenly stops working during the Summer months, there are a few things you can do before calling us. Check the thermostat, change the filters, and remove and debris from in and outside the unit. Sometimes, ACs can freeze up, especially on a brutally hot day. Turn off the unit for a few hours and allow it to return to the optimal operating temperature.

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