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Pre-Season Check-Ups to Maintain Your Cooling System

How well did your air conditioner perform all summer long? If you had trouble with your cooling system this season, it could be due to a lack of pre-season maintenance. For next year, keep in mind that calling a professional contractor to perform the necessary check-up steps will set you up for more reliable and fresh, cool air.

What can you expect from a contractors visit each spring?

1. Clean the evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils – If dirty, the system will have to run longer and work harder to cool your home. Therefore, you’ll see higher energy costs than expected throughout the summer months.

2. Check the central ac refrigerant level – You want to have the refrigerant level just right to maximize efficiency in your system. Your contractor can adjust the level for you.

3. Clean and adjust blower components – proper airflow makes for more comfortable and steady temperatures throughout your home.

Overall, skipping over these 3 quick maintenance steps will cost you more money in the long run and sacrifice the life of your equipment. What can you do to assist in the maintenance of your system? Continue to change air filters once a month following inspection. During our visit, ask us how to best do so!

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