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Tuesday Tips: R-Value and Your Insulation

Not sure where to begin when insulating your home? A good place to start is with the R-Value, a value that measures a certain insulation’s resistance to heat. Generally speaking, the higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating effectiveness in relation to thickness of material. However, there are some other considerations factored in to the equation, as well.

While this relation is true, it does not automatically mean go for the greatest R-Value you could find. In some climates, higher R-Values are never necessary and, therefore, wasted. For the most cost-effective R-Value, you must understand what zone you are in as determined by the US Department of Energy. San Antonio falls into Zone 2 on the map, meaning that the required insulation for a San Antonio attic falls between R30 and R49.

For a view of the map and more insulation tips, click here!

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