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#TuesdayTips Improving Air Quality in Your Home

Winter time is near. Shutting all your windows and sealing out the cold air makes for a cozy and warm space, but you might also be trapping in those allergens.

If you find yourself sneezing or coughing a bit more in your home, try a few of these tricks for clearing out the dust and making way for healthier air:

Dust with a damp cloth. This is a more effective way to grab onto allergens as opposed to a feather duster that can just stir allergens around.

Bathe your pets regularly. Dogs spend more time indoors throughout the colder months, allowing hair and other fur to float around the home.

Let in some fresh air. Circulation is necessary regardless of the temperature. At least while your cooking or cleaning, crack the window open just a tad.

Purchase an air purifier. Buy it and install. This is a simple way to add a deeper level of purification to your home.

Replace your filters. We say this all of the time – but really! Old filters in your HVAC system hold on to unhealthy dusty and blow it back out into your living space.

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