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Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner beginning to realize you spent a bit too much on energy bills in 2014? Make 2015 a year of efficiency.

Bring better energy habits to your business with these tips for saving below:

Invest in an annual maintenance contract. Wait, I thought we were saving money? You are! An annual tune-up and HVAC inspection will help your office to operate at optimal efficiency – saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

Change filters monthly. A dirty filter inhibits good air flow, causing your unit to work harder than it has to. Change them monthly to ensure your energy is only in use when it absolutely needs to be.

Become a fan of fans. Fans help to circulate air eliminating some air conditions, like humidly, that might otherwise be uncomfortable and cause you to lower the temperature. Fans also allow you to keep your system set about three degrees warmer and still feel the same level of comfort.

Adjust lighting as needed. Open those blinds and rely on natural daylight when possible. Upgrading from incandescent light bulbs may also be a solution.

Turn off equipment when not in use. Many people falsely believe that leaving equipment on extends its lifetime. Though true with older mainframe computers, today it is just an opportunity to spend more on energy.

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