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Purchasing a Furnace That Fits Just Right

In the market for a new furnace? You may go straight for the cheapest one to save money or you may be willing to dish out the extra cash for quality. The truth, however? Choosing the right furnace is not a matter of cost, it is a matter of size, and how that size correlates with the space in your home.

Why does proper size matter? You don’t want to wear out the components of your furnace or waste money on inefficiency. A furnace that is too small will struggle to keep your home comfortable during extra cold months. It will have to run constantly to try and attain the temperature you desire for your home, which will end up costing you a leg and an arm in heating bills.

On the flip side, a furnace that is too large will heat your home too quickly, causing it to short cycle which is not good for its parts. The constant varying temperature will likely decrease the lifespan of your system.

There’s good news! Finding a furnace that fits just right does not have to be your responsibility. There are a lot of factors that go into the calculation of your home heating needs, including the climate, size, design and construction of your home, and a qualified HVAC technician can do the math.

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