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Tips For a Healthier Home

The New Year is a popular time for people to strive for a better self and a better home. If you’re looking for ways to make your home a healthier, greener and happier one, you’ve come to the right place.

At Schmidt Mechanical, we believe in keeping you in your comfort zone! Beyond the heating system, air conditioner and other devices we rely on each day, we have tips for making your home a healthy home:

Use Low-VOC Paint: What produces the second-largest amount of volatile organic compound emissions? Second to your automobile, your home. We coat our walls and wood with chemical emitting products without even thinking about it. For a quick fix, choose low-toxic, water-base adhesives and caulks.

Install Bamboo Flooring: Rip up the carpet and go with bamboo for an easy to clean, easy to breathe floor alternative. Bamboo can be used as an Eco-friendly counter-top choice, as well.

Install a water-filtration system: Local municipalities or plumbing companies can check your water for pollutants. Installing water-filtration systems can make your water gentler on your skin and safer for drinking.

Skip on pesticides: When choosing native vegetation you don’t need fertilizers that can easily be tracked into your home. If that isn’t an option, always wash the clothes you wore when doing the lawn separate from your daily attire.

Use an air purifier: These systems can filter out the microscopic particles we can’t get to as homeowners any other way. Plus, they can simultaneously remove odors – keeping your home smelling fresh.