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Which HVAC Air Filter is Right for Me?

Filters keep our home’s air clean and our HVAC systems working properly. Replacing your air filter once a month is ideal for maintaining both of these conditions.

All filters have a MERV rating, or a minimum efficiency reporting value. The more effective and efficient an air filter is, the higher the MERV rating.

As a homeowner, it’s best to seek out a MERV rating between nine and twelve. Ratings higher than this may be great at removing pollutants from the air but are more practical for industrial buildings that have an extreme need to remove bacteria from the air – such as hospitals.

With that being said, HVAC technicians tend to recommend polyester and pleated air filters for your home. With MERV ratings between eight and thirteen, these filters remove up to 45 percent of air pollutants in your home and only cost around $10. This is superior to the $1 fiberglass option that will protect your HVAC unit but will not improve indoor air quality.

For more on air filters, visit Angie’s List.

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