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Conditions Affect The AC System

Air conditioners are complex machines that rely on a variety of conditions to work correctly. Each AC unit is sized to meet a certain load on the house. When conditions change, problems can occur. Be mindful of the following conditions and their effects on your home’s cooling system.

If you produce more heat indoors as a result of additional people, additional appliances, or changes in the house, the air conditioning unit may be unable to keep up. Efficiency is therefore compromised.

Refrigerant leakage lowers the capacity of the unit as the substance causes cooling. When there is a loss of refrigerant there is an inability to cool.

Reduced airflow across the outside condenser coil limits the ability to reject heat outdoors. Once again, the capacity of the system is lowered. This can result in especially uncomfortable conditions for those homes located in hotter climates. For those homes located in dry climates, the same issue can occur with the indoor coil. In humid climates, higher airflow leads to less dehumidification, thus resulting in high indoor humidities. Conversely, if the airflow gets too low, the evaporator coil may freeze thus leaving you with a pricey repair bill!

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