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The History Of Air Conditioning

There are few homes not equipped with air conditioning nowadays. In the heat of the summer we can take comfort in our cool homes but until the 20th century, Americans were left to sweat it out in the absence of an AC.

Air conditioning systems have been in existence since ancient times but were costly and not the most efficient. In ancient Rome, wealthy citizens utilized the aqueduct system to circulate cool water through the walls of the homes. In the third century, efforts were taken a step further when the Emperor built a mountain of snow in a garden next to his villa. Air conditioning disappeared during the Dark Ages but resurfaced in the West around the 1800s. Prior to this point, fans were the cooling method of choice. Architecture played a major role in temperature control. For example, windows faced away from the sun and buildings were equip with “wind towers” designed to circulate prevailing breezes.

The big breakthrough as many know was electricity. In 1902 a 25-year-old engineer from New York, Willis Carrier, invented the first modern air conditioner. The system was designed in an effort to control humidity in a printing plant where he worked. The invention shaped 20th century America and even influenced the summer blockbusters. From movie theatres to department stores and offices, the presence of air conditioning systems quickly spread. Today over 100 million homes have air conditioners.

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