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Tuesday Tips: Identify Your AC Problems & Why The Machine Stopped Working - Schmidt Mechanical

It is not uncommon for an air conditioning unit to suddenly stop working. Just look back at Game 1 of the NBA finals when the AC system suddenly shut off in the AT&T Center, forcing Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs players to compete in tough conditions. Luckily, Texans can take the heat. In the event that your home AC suddenly stops working, remain calm. There are many reasons for the malfunction. To best identify the cause, please see the following:

If your unit is not cooling properly:

  • Your refrigerant could be low or leaking. Contact Schmidt Mechanical Group to have one of our technicians recharge the system and repair the leak.
  • Your thermostat may not be set to the proper temperature.
  • Your drain may be clogged.
  • You may need to replace your filters to allow for optimal air flow and efficient cooling.

If your unit is not turning on:

  • The compressor and fan controls could be worn out due to excessive use. Contact Schmidt Mechanical to have your unit’s electrical connections checked.
  • Your thermostat may need new batteries or be replaced entirely.

Limited airflow:

  • Your ducts could be leaking air or be clogged. In this case, they will need to be professionally cleaned.
  • Your filter may be dirty, thus limiting the flow of air and prohibiting the machine to cool the house efficiently. Check and replace the filters if necessary.

Do you want more information about identifying problems with your air conditioner? Click here!

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