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Tuesday Tips: Your AC Is Blowing Air But The House Is Not Cold

There are many reasons why your air conditioner could stop working. In the Texas summer heat, this could be disastrous. Your AC unit does not even have to stop running for it to be broken. Your ac unit could be running, but for some reason, the house is not getting colder. Here are some possible reasons for this problem and their solutions:

  1. The AC filter is clogged. Replace it with a new one. This is a relatively easy problem to fix and virtually can be done by the home owner.
  2. The evaporator coils are clogged. This means the air flow around the condenser unit is poor. If you can, clean the coils yourself. Otherwise, contact Schmidt Mechanical Group for assistance.
  3. Are the fins on the fan outside the unit in good condition? If they have been damaged you can try to straighten then but it may be best to have them replaced.
  4. Low refrigerant. If your AC unit is out of refrigerant contact a professional. We will check for leaks and then fully recharge your refrigerant levels.
  5. The compressor motor may be burnt out. This will be easy to spot as it will make a very deep and loud noise. If the fuse is burnt out, you can easily fix it. If your AC motor is worn out, you will need to call a professional and have it fixed.

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