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What To Know Before Hiring An HVAC Contractor

Your home is very important, so why leave it in the hands of an amateur. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system requires routine maintenance to run efficiently. Before hiring a professional, consider the following:

  1. References: Ask your HVAC technician for references. A notable one will have a list of previous clients that you can refer to. Inquire about former projects and satisfaction results.
  2. Estimates: Contact a variety of companies to request estimates. Repairing, replacing, or installing new HVAC equipment can be costly and price ranges may vary. Choose the one that you think best encompasses the project’s overall scope, details and completion dates.
  3. Brands carried: Be sure to ask what specific manufacturers or equipment brands they carry. HVAC companies usually carry a small selection of brands.
  4. Experience with your system: Make sure your HVAC company has experience working with your particular system, whether that is a geothermal system or that of an old school style.
  5. Tax credits and rebates: Be sure to ask about available incentives for your project and assure proper documentation will be taken to meet federal, state, or local incentive requirements.
  6. Service contracts: Enrolling in a service company’s service contract program may provide peace of mind for homeowners, ensuring that the HVAC system is serviced regularly.

For more information about hiring an HVAC contractor, check out Angie’s List.

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