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A Quick Lesson In How An AC Unit Works

We know that not many people are interested in learning about how their air conditioner system works, especially when Schmidt Mechanical is just a phone call away and has the ability to fix any problems, day or night. While we are always happy to help, educating yourself with general knowledge about your AC systems could prevent potential problems from ever occurring.

An air conditioner transfers the hot air that is inside your house, outside. Thus replacing it with cooler air. A condenser and a compressor are located on the outside of your house. The evaporator is located inside, next to your furnace.

It all starts when the refrigerant arrives to the compressor as a cold, low pressure gas. The compressor then squeezes the fluid making it dense until it leaves the device as a really hot high pressure gas. It then enters the condenser. The fan on the condenser causes the heat inside the gas to disappear. The fluid leaves the condenser as a much colder gas than it was when it first entered. It then travels to the evaporator and becomes a gas once again. When it finally leaves the evaporator, the fluid is a cold, low pressure gas. Cold air is then circulated through the home via fans. This process repeats over and over again until your home reaches the desired temperature.

Pretty cool huh?

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