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Don't Panic! What You Need To Know When Your Air Conditioning Unit Suddenly Breaks

What do you do when your air conditioning unit suddenly stops working on a hot day? No, “panic” is not the correct answer. AC units can fail for many reasons. Before calling a professional, there are a few things you could do to identify the problem.

First, turn off your thermostat and check your air filter. Many times, when an air conditioning unit stops working, it is due to excess debris built up in the systems filter. This prevents air from flowing freely. If the debris backup gets excessive enough, the system can stop working completely.

If your filter is clean, check the thermostat batteries. If the batteries are dead, the thermostat cannot tell the air conditioning unit to turn on.

If the air conditioning unit is still not responding, you have a problem that requires professional help. It’s still not the time to panic! Call Schmidt Mechanical; a full service residential and commercial A/C, heating, and refrigeration company. Our highly trained technicians are licensed to perform the necessary services to keep you feeling comfortable in your home all year round. For more information on our services, or to speak with a representative, visit our website. Schmidt Mechanical is LIVE on social media. Connecting with us has never been so easy! Like us on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitterand Connect with us on Google+ to keep up with the latest home improvement tips.