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Tuesday Tips: How To Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit

An air conditioner unit is the saving grace for Texans who encounter intense heat. Summer is right around the corner, making it imperative to get your AC unit ready. Performing a routine cleaning on your outdoor unit can not only help prolong its’ life, but also ensure the machine is working efficiently, resulting in a lower energy bill.

Cleaning your AC unit is relatively simple. The first, most important step, is to shut off the power switch located in a small box near the machine. Next, remove any leaves or branches that may have gotten stuck in the condenser fins (located on the exterior of the unit). Once you have cleared exterior debris, vacuum the fins with a soft bristle-brush. Be mindful not to bend or damage the metal fins. After this, unscrew and remove the top grille and vacuum around the motor. Use a hose with a direct spray to wash down the interior walls, carefully avoiding the electrical components. Lastly, wipe down the fan blades with a damp cloth.

Voila! Your AC unit will be running as good as new! For more information about cleaning your outdoor AC unit, click here.

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