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Common AC Problems & Their Solutions

There is nothing worse than your air conditioner suddenly turning off on a hot day. Educating yourself on potential problems can help them to be identified before putting you in the unpleasantly hot situation. Check out some of the following reasons why your ac unit may fail and how to address the issue.

Common AC Problems:

  1. Improper operation- When your AC unit is on, make sure no windows or doors are open or cracked. This will prohibit the unit from operating efficiently.
  2. Faulty installation- This can result in leaky ducts and low airflow.
  3. Poor service procedures- Many inexperienced service technicians fail to find refrigerant charging problems and can worsen the problem by adding refrigerant to an already full system.
  4. Inadequate maintenance- Routine system maintenance is required to ensure the unit runs efficiently. Contact Schmidt Mechanical Group to schedule your HVAC unit maintenance.
  5. Refrigerant leaks- If your unit is low on refrigerant, it either was undercharged or there is a leak. Schmidt Mechanical technicians can easily fix any leaks quickly as they can be harmful to the environment.
  6. Electric control failure- The compressor and fan controls can wear out due to excessive use. Electrical connections should be checked during a maintenance call.
  7. Drainage problems- When it is humid outside the condensate drain could clog and drain improperly.

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