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Tuesday Tips: How To Cut Costs On Your AC Bill

Heating and cooling your home accounts for a huge chunk of your monthly utility bill. Luckily there are some ways homeowners can reduce these costs. See the following tips!

  • Much of the heat accumulated inside the house is a result of the direct sunlight. plant leafy trees around the outside of your home to limit the sun’s strength and help to cool the home. Also, make sure your outdoor AC unit is shaded. This could boost the systems efficiency by 10 percent.
  • Solar screens help to intercept the sun’s heat before it reaches the inside of the house. A benefit of solar screens, as opposed to window film, is that the window does not have to be closed in order for the screen to do it’s job.
  • When you are not home, turn off your air conditioner. This will save tons on your energy bill.
  • To circulate air inside your home, open windows throughout the house to create a cross-breeze. A window fan will also help move the air throughout the home.
  • Decrease indoor heat by avoiding baking in the over or cooking on the stove-top. Create a cool, summer dinner menu that will be refreshing to eat. If you must use the stovetop, make sure the exhaust fan is on.
  • Keep the filter of the air condition clean by replacing it every few months. This will help maintain system efficiency and allow for optimal airflow.

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