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How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

Is your air conditioning compressor bothering you and your neighbors with excessive noise? In a central air conditioning system, the noisiest part is the compressor, located underneath the fan. The next noisiest part is the fan itself. Newer units contain a quieter fan so most of the noise will come from the compressor. When a compressor kicks on, mechanical noise is generated which very often bounces off of the house and heads straight for your neighbor's window.

Tips To Get Your AC Unit Running Quieter

  1. Has the unit always been loud? If your AC seems to have gotten noisier it likely has a mechanical problem that needs fixing. Contact Schmidt Mechanical to have your system evaluated.
  2. If the unit has always been noisy, you will need to consider some noise-mitigation solutions.
  3. Use a sound blanket. Insulate the housing of the unit with the soundproof blanket. Don’t skimp on merchandise. Buy the real thing and install it as directed.
  4. Add anti-vibration pads under the feet of the unit. This will help reduce the vibration between the unit and the concrete underneath.
  5. Have a soft start controller installed on the unit. This device will reduce the startup blast of electrical power.
  6. Consider building an enclosure around the unit to deflect the noise. Be sure to leave ample room for the air to circulate.
  7. Purchase a newer model. Schmidt Mechanical offers high-quality units! Contact us to learn more!

Learn more about your noise-canceling options here.

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