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How to Find Air Leaks in Your Home

You can have a perfectly working HVAC system (an efficient one too) and still find that your home temperature is not comfortable or you’re wasting money on your energy bills. Not sure why? Air leaks.

Air leaks are tiny holes throughout your home that can add up to let in as much air as an entire window would. Checking your home for such air leaks, and insulating accordingly, is a good way to stop heat from your heating system or cool air from your air conditioner from escaping. Places to look for air leaks include exterior doors and windows, electrical outlets, light fixtures, baseboards and crown molding. Here’s how:

Feel with your hand. On a cold and windy day, you’ll be able to easily feel the pressure of air running into your home. Placing your bare hand over the many places listed above is an easy way to detect air leaks.

Carry around a candle. On a day that’s less cold or windy, you might not be able to feel air movement with your hand, but the flame of a candle will be able to sense it. This time, with your central air system turned off, walk around your home bringing a lit candle to all of these locations. Without mistaking the small movements of the flame for your breathing, the candle can reveal many air leaks in your home.

Use a thermal detector. Though not free like your hand or a flame, the money you put into this will definitely result in major savings later on. All you have to do is point this devise towards areas you think might have air leaks and a small light will change color depending on any changes in temperature it feels.

Of course, mark any spots that prove to be leaking air so you can easily go back and fix them later.

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