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Planting Around Your Outside AC Unit

Don’t like the look of your outside AC unit? Give it a little glam with some outside landscaping.

Planting around your outside AC unit is a simple way to conceal the look of your system – and it can also help it run more efficiently.

Here are a few things to consider when giving this a go:

Space. To avoid restriction of airflow, you need to make sure you plant at least 2-3 feet away from the unit on all sides. You also want to ensure the unit will still be accessible for maintenance and repairs. Adequate space is not only important in the planning phase of your landscape design, but should also be a factor in your upkeep. Trim down hedges and trees in the area, regularly.

Shade. Position your plants in a way that they continuously provide shade for your unit throughout the daytime. A cooler temperature will keep your unit from having to work extra hard for your home.

Type. You know you want to add plants, but which do you choose? Plants that don’t loose their leaves in the winter are good and hedges can easily be trimmed to meet your desired height and shape.

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