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Your HVAC System: Size It Right

Bigger is always better, right? No. When it comes to your HVAC system, finding an economical sized unit for your home boils down to the right size, not the smallest size.

In fact, there is a heat loss/heat gain analysis that best indicates your correct system size and can be calculated by your Trane Comfort Specialist.

What’s the point? It’s simple actually. If you buy a unit meant to heat and cool a space that is bigger than your home, you end up paying for the unit to do work for space that isn’t even available. Plus, you will find that it turns on and off more frequently. Called “short cycling,” this frequent running of your HVAC unit to get the temperature right will shorten the life of your equipment and increase your energy bills.

On the flip side, a system that is too small will wind up running constantly in an effort to heat or cool the desired space. Just when you thought your small system will save you money, your energy consumption ends up being through the roof.

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