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Homeowners Insurance and My HVAC Unit

Will homeowners insurance cover problems with my HVAC unit? The answer – sometimes. It depends on the cause of the problem. This is a major reason regular maintenance on your HVAC unit is so important. If your unit stops working due to regular wear and tear, insurance will not pay. Up-keep to your HVAC system will differ instances in which you are stuck paying for the cost of your new unit on your own.

To make it simpler, we’ll highlight a few scenarios below:

Wear and Tear – As mentioned, everything ages and your homeowners insurance policy will not be held accountable for these replacements. If your unit is older than 10 years when it stops working, insurance will not pay. Same goes for parts that need to be replaced.

Accidents – An outdoor unit is susceptible to weather damage. If natural causes destroy your HVAC system, insurance will pay for its replacement.

Random Occurrences – Pipes freeze, electric surges & pipes break. Damage done to your unit due to home issues you can not control will be paid for by your insurance policy.

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