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Tuesday Tips: Prep Your Furnace for Winter

Though San Antonio winters are not always as cold as elsewhere, it is still important to prep your furnace for cooler days. If it is going to be on and active at any point, caring for it beforehand is extremely important.

Prevent furnace failures and emergency calls with these furnace prep tips below:

Ensure flammable objects are out of harms way. Nothing that can be set on fire (paints, gasoline, etc.) should be stored any where close to a furnace or water heater.

Take care of the blower. Frayed or cracked blower belts should be replaced and a few drops of oil should be added to the motor to keep the furnace running smoothly through the winter. Also, blower doors should be replaced to ensure C02 and other byproducts don’t mix with the hot air in your home.

Unclog the filter. Hot air can not properly flow through if the filter is clogged or dirty. If it’s too dirty to be thoroughly cleaned, make sure to have your filter replaced.

Unblock air vents. If the flow of hot air is obstructed, your furnace won’t run as well.

Ensure the exhaust flue is in working condition. Connections to the roof cap should be securely fastened and no obstructions to the outside should exist.

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