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Furnace Mistakes You Might Be Making

You’re not strange if you don’t spend time pondering your furnace. For many homeowners, the most important thing is that it’s affordable and it works. However, cooler weather is creeping closer. To avoid an inconvenient breakdown, educate yourself on a few common furnace mistakes you might be making: Buying just any furnace. Like many other products in your home, different furnaces differ in quality. You may buy the cheapest eggs you see at the grocery store, but that doesn’t mean you should do the same when selecting a furnace. Take the time to consider your options and make the investment now, so you’re not paying up for heavy repairs later.

Misunderstanding the warranty. It’s all in the fine print. There may be some components of your furnace that are covered while others are not. Know ahead of time what you’re getting in your warranty and read it over once more when you’re calling for emergency help.

Not planning ahead for a new purchase. Whether it’s gathering up a few references or noting the 15 year mark, avoid scurrying to buy a new furnace when it’s reaching its ultimate breaking point. Furnaces don’t typically last longer than 20 years and they have a habit of failing when weather conditions are at their worst. Ask a few friends which furnace they liked best and have a list of ones to consider when it’s time to replace your own.

Assuming it’s the brand that’s good, not the contractor. If your old furnace lasted you a long time, don’t assume you should go ahead and buy the same brand. You should, however, call that same contractor. It’s proper installation that makes all the difference.

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