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As a San Antonio heating repair specialist, we’re used to addressing customer’s questions and concerns when it comes to keeping their furnace maintained and working just right. Since fall is the perfect time to get your furnace repaired, ensuring it is in proper working condition in time for cooler days, we want to address common questions now, to make it easier!

When should I shop for a new furnace?
Your furnace is sneaky and will likely fail when you’re already trying to keep your home warm or your water pipes from freezing. To avoid these little let downs, it is advised that you purchase a new furnace every 20 years.

Is my blower motor defective?
A bad blower motor is a common cause of gas furnace failures. To check if your blower motor is defective, first relight your pilot on the side of your furnace. After igniting the burner, the blower motor should come on within a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t, your blower motor might need replacing.

When should I change my furnace filter?
The correct answer is often contingent upon your location. Some filters will fill up with dust and debris quicker than others. Overall, if your filter is visibly dirty you should go ahead and change it. On average, the filter should be changed each season. At Schmidt Mechanical, we can regularly inspect your HVAC system and let you know how often your individual system needs a filter change.

Is it normal for my furnace to make a clicking sound?
The sound you’re hearing is typically your furnace igniting the burner, which is fine. In the event that the clicking sound appears more frequently or at a higher volume than usual, contact us for a furnace evaluation.

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At Schmidt Mechanical we can deliver you 24/7 emergency service if you experience unexpected issues with your heating system.

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