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To Fan or Not to Fan: Quick Cooling Tips

Money is flying out of your pocket in energy bills so you think, hmm…let me give a fan a try. Running your air conditioner all day is definitely costly, but is switching to a fan that runs 24/7 your answer? Let’s see.

The first potential problem when it comes to fans is if hot air is the only air present, it will also be the only air the fan is circulating. It’s simple. Fans don’t produce cool air, they only move cool air around.

So when is it energy efficient to use a fan? Fans work well in combination with your air conditioner. Running your fan all day can also be costly. Plus, the circulation of hot air will make your need for air conditioning greater. Now your in a situation where your ac needs to work even harder to cool your home down again. Once more, a lot of money.

The final answer? Let the air conditioning run until your home feels just right. Then give it a break and turn your fan on when you’re ready to lay in bed and let the cool air hit you. When you leave the house in the morning, don’t forget to turn it off!

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