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HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to the Pros

“How hard can it be?” In a world of YouTube and DIY tips and tricks, some homeowners may not realize the complexity of HVAC maintenance. While small upkeep may be handled on your own, it’s best to let a trained HVAC technician handle serious maintenance to ensure things are done properly and safely.

Here’s the type of maintenance you should leave to the pros:

Check the thermostat. Let the technician make sure the thermostat is calibrated properly for every season. Your tech can also recommend a programmable thermostat and install one for you during the inspection.

Tighten electrical connections. Before grabbing your toolbox, you may want to consider letting a professional fix any loose connections to avoid improper operation. Measuring voltage and current on all equipment motors may also be necessary.

Inspect the condensate drain. When your cooling equipment and condensing furnaces produce excess condensate, it may also be time to call the pros. Typically, the condensate drains to the outside, but sometimes a blockage can form and cause water damage to the equipment. Ask your tech take precaution and clean the drain if necessary.

Check system controls. Technicians have been trained to know the exact “start cycle, operation, and shut-off sequence”. It’s important that your controls are checked on a regular basis for your safety.

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