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Why is HVAC Maintenance So Important?

Maintaining the air conditioner isn’t something we look forward to doing, but it is definitely worth your time and attention. Between improving your home’s indoor air quality to extending the life of your system, a little HVAC maintenance can sure go a long way.

Here are a few reasons you should keep it on your to-do list:

Save Money. A well cleaned and kept HVAC system, with a filter that is regularly changed, will have to work a lot less to keep up with the desired temperature for your home. This means lower utility bills for you – which can really add up over an entire year.

Healthy Home. Clogged filters and coils push dust out with forced air, decreasing the overall air quality in your home. To avoid respiratory problems and to ensure you aren’t breathing in mold and bacteria you should change filters once a month.

Increase Efficiency. Did you know that a dirty or non-maintained unit has to work 20 percent harder to create the same amount of heat or cool air in your home? The cleaner it is the better it runs – and the happier your wallet will be.

No Surprises. Those breakdowns that you hate and have you calling for emergency help will happen more frequently with a poorly maintained system. Putting in a little extra work saves you a whole lot of trouble in the long run.

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