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Common Problems That Affect Your Air Conditioning

With summer in full swing and each day feeling hotter than the last, it’s important that your air conditioning is up to par. But with so many issues that could affect your HVAC system, it’s easy for something to go wrong. In an attempt to help, we’ve put together the following list of common problems that can affect your air conditioning and what you can do about it.

Poor Airflow. Issues such as dirty condenser coils can restrain the airflow in your home. If a professional does not regularly maintain your HVAC system, air filters become dirty. The problem? Dirty air filters can reduce airflow tremendously! You may also find problems with cooling your home if the condenser unit is being blocked by leaves, branches or other objects. If this is the case, call your local HVAC professional to ensure that your air system is kept clean and that your airflow is working properly.

Thermostat Issues. A thermostat is the main control of your home’s cooling. A common issue that many homeowners face is having a thermostat that isn’t set properly or has malfunctioned. If you believe that your thermostat is acting faulty then try to replace its battery. However, if nothing changes be sure to contact a professional right away.

High Cooling Load. Between the heat generated in your home and the amount of space your AC needs to cool off, there are several factors that create cooling load for your air conditioner. And if the cooling load gets too high, the system can’t cool off efficiently. One way you can improve your air conditioner’s performance to decrease the cooling load is to reduce the size of its responsibility. In other words, you can help by closing the blinds, shutting off your lights and appliances, as well as unplugging electrical equipment.

Proper Maintenance. Much like your car, your home’s air conditioning system requires regular maintenance and cleaning to run properly. While there are parts of your system that are easy to maintain yourself, most of the maintenance requires a professional. Call Schmidt Mechanical Group! We can help you with all of your HVAC needs.

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