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Does Your Window AC Unit Use More Electricity Than Your Fridge?

At Schmidt Mechanical Group, Inc., we know your window air conditioning unit and your refrigerator are both big electricity hogs. But can you guess which one uses more? If you’re not sure, don’t worry – we’ve laid out the details for you below:

Compressor Comparison:

The first thing to know is that both your AC and your fridge have a compressor unit, which is used to pressurize refrigerant. Once the refrigerant is pressurized, heat is released in the condenser coil. And when you have a larger compressor, you’re using for more electricity.

  • In a refrigerator, refrigerant capacity is measured in ounces.
  • In a window air conditioner, refrigerant capacity is measured in pounds.

So How Much Energy Do My AC and Refrigerator Use?

The second thing to know is that energy efficiency matters. And if you don’t use energy-efficient units, you might be using more wattage, and ultimately more electricity.

  • In an energy-efficient refrigerator, you can draw 475-550 watts per hour and approximately 45 to 55 kilowatt-hours of electricity usage per month.
  • In a midsize window air conditioner, you’ll draw approximately 900 watts per hour and use nearly 130 to 150 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month.

In most cases, your window AC unit uses more electricity than your fridge in no small part because your air conditioning unit requires a larger compressor than your fridge. If your air conditioning is not energy-efficient, it probably uses more wattage than your refrigerator does, or it may even need a repair or tune-up!

Will you think twice before leaving your AC running for a long time or buying units that are not energy-efficient? We know we will! For more tips on how to save energy in your home, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter! And don’t forget to contact us if you need HVAC repairs simply by giving us a call at (210) 361-7002 or visiting our website.