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Tips for Safe Home Decorating

Have you decorated your home for the holidays yet? Although decorating can be a fun and festive time of year, it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. With all the lights and electrical trinkets you plan to set up this season, make sure you consider a few safety tips before getting started:

Water the Spruce Daily.
Everyone knows that it’s easy for your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush to dry out quickly. That is why the number one rule of owning a holiday tree is to check the water levels daily and supply it with water as needed. You never want the soil to look too dried out, but you also don’t want to saturate it either. Bonus tip: If you’re going away from the holidays, kindly ask a trusted friend or neighbor to water it for you.

Test Your Lights.
Have your holiday lights passed the safety test? Whether you plan to buy new lights or use the ones from last year, don’t hang them up until you plug them in and check for any dull or cracked bulbs. Also, double check the wiring for signs of tearing.

Know Wattage Levels.
Read labels for your lights and other electrical decorations and know each wattage level. The last thing you want is to blow a fuse or cause a fire hazard by being unaware of wattage levels and overload your circuits.

Keep Your Tree Cool.
Aside from watering your tree daily, you should also monitor its temperature. What we mean is a) don’t keep your tree lights on too long and b) keep the tree away from floor baseboard vents. So when setting up your tree, keep it a few feet away from your home heating sources. That way you can rest assured it won’t get too hot. Also, before you go to bed or leave the house, unplug your tree lights.

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