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Ways to Heat Your Home Naturally

Cranking the heat in your home is a sure way to stay comfortable on cold winter nights, but you can also guarantee that your energy bill will go up. You may not realize there are plenty of ways to stay cozy without needing to turn up the heat. Save money with these five effective solutions:

Area Rugs. Don’t you despise the feeling of a cold floor in winter? So do we! If you have hardwood floors at home, lay out a wool area rug in the living room and other small rugs in bedroom and bathrooms to provide yourself with a warm and comfortable cushion to walk on.

Flannel Sheets. Swap out your linen sheets for flannel ones to help your body stay warm during cold nights. Flannel can conduct more heat than regular sheets, which means you won’t have to use as much heat while you’re sleeping.

Controlled Temperatures. Whenever you leave the home (whether for work or vacation) be sure to either manually turn down the thermostat or set your programmable thermostat to do so. About ten degrees cooler should help you save energy.

Sunlight. Don’t let the sun get away! On a warm, sunny afternoon, open up the blinds in your home and let the sunlight shine through. We can’t think of a more natural and efficient way to heat up your home without needing to overuse your heating system.

Ceiling Fan. Your ceiling fan doesn’t only provide you with cool air, but it also helps you to heat up your home. Turn your fan clockwise to help distribute warm air, pushing it downwards. It might take a little energy to get your ceiling fan going, but you will save energy and money in the long run. But for the best results, use this ceiling fan trick in conjunction with your heating system.

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