AC & Heater Repair in San Antonio

Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Home

Do high energy bills have you down? With just a few, smart, energy-efficient upgrades, you can keep your home from being a money and energy eating machine and turn it into a green one!

Air-seal your home. Weather strip doors and windows and fill any opening in the attic floor, around pipes, wiring and etc. It’s hard to realize just how much heat is wasted trying to combat air leaks in your home.

Hint: Make sure this is done before insulating since you won’t be able to access gaps and holes after the fact.

Insulate starting with the attic floor. Since heat rises, this is the most important space in your home to insulate. 10 inches of insulation can make for a cost-effective investment.

Seal and insulate the ductwork. For this one, you’ll definitely need to hire a pro. By sealing the seams and wrapping the ducts with insulation you can cut your HVAC costs by almost a third.

Replace! Between old furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and windows, you literally have wasted energy spilling out of your home. Upgrade to modern and efficient systems and fixtures to make for a more practical and functioning home moving forward.

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