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Great Ways to Steam Up Dry Winter Air

Winter time lacks many things and one thing for sure is moisture in the air. While you might not be missing humid days of summer you might be noticing that your skin is itchier or your nose is dryer than you’d like it to be.

Don’t fear! You can steam up the dry winter air in your home with these great fixes:

Plants. They sweat moisture into the air so it might be beneficial to add a small inside collection.

Bowls of water. In the form of a pretty decorative vase, or tranquil waterfall. Water will evaporate into the air creating more moisture.

Find yourself in a steamy bath? Don’t drain it immediately when you decide to hop out. Put the water to good use and let some evaporate into the air with the bathroom door open.

Hang wet clothes to dry. It might be easier to throw them in the dryer but it’s actually better for your air and the clothes if you hang them. Yup – that’s right. The water will evaporate and turn to moisture.

So, you get the gist. Whenever the opportunity for water to evaporate to moisture arises, take advantage! You’ll have yourself a steamy more comfortable home and you might even save some energy or water in the process.

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