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HVAC Safety Tips

At Schmidt Mechanical we want you to be more than just comfortable! We also want you to be safe. While an up and running HVAC system is everything you need and more to create a home your family is happy in, you also want to ensure you are up-keeping an environment that is relatively hazard free.

First, make sure you aren’t blocking any ventilation outlets for your system. This means floor vents should never be covered by rugs and external vents should be cleaned regularly and free of debris.

Know the difference between your main heating system and additional components. While your furnace can always be set and running, space heaters and gas fireplaces should only be used to keep chilly rooms toasty on extra cold days. Also, keep in mind that an oven or range top should never be used as a source of heat for your home.

Make sure a carbon monoxide detector is installed and know the signs of poisoning. If anyone in your home experiences inexplicable headaches, dizziness, nausea or confusion, make sure you exit your home and seek medical help immediately, as well as call a local professional to inspect your home.

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