AC & Heater Repair in San Antonio

Why an HVAC Contract is Worth Your While

People are trying to get you to make all sorts of deals for all sorts of reasons at all sorts of times. Have an HVAC contractor calling you asking you to a sign a maintenance contract now and you’ve just had it up to here?

Don’t fret. Here’s why this kind of contract is actually worth your while:

For one, being proactive with your AC unit can save you from big problems that will cause it to blow out in the heat of the summer. You know what that means? Hot, hot, hot. Not only do homeowners with maintenance contracts receive fewer breakdowns, they also see a longer life for their system.

Second, HVAC service providers know your system in and out and are more likely to have a van full stocked of parts that could be used to repair yours specifically. This mean quicker repairs and probably cheaper ones! Maintenance contracts typically cover the cost of two visits per year for a fraction of the price.

After all, you wouldn’t drive your car without getting your oil changed would you? Same goes for your HVAC systems.

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