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Considering a Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit

Have you ever considered installing a rooftop air conditioning unit? Though commercial buildings were the only real candidates for such units in the past, residential candidates are on the rise.

Here’s what you need to know:

Traditional Air Conditioning Methods

To date, most residents cool their home with either a window air conditioning unit or a central air unit. While a window unit pumps air only into the room that it’s placed, a central air system travels through ductwork, requiring the parts of a furnace to function.

Rooftop Air Conditioning Benefits

These units are energy-efficient and can lead to cost savings on your energy bills. Since cold air sinks, a rooftop installation makes a lot of sense because cool air is being transferred naturally, as opposed to “forced”, like in traditional methods. Troubleshooting a rooftop system can also be easier since all components are in one place.

The Cost

Cost of the units and installation will be higher and installation will be trickier. It is of course, like most energy-efficient products, an investment in future energy savings.

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