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HVAC Components 101

Looking to learn something new this year? Understanding the many parts of your HVAC system could be a good place to start! Not only will it impress your local HVAC technician but it could potentially save you from unwanted costly repairs.

Condensing unit: Located on the outside of our home and connected to the evaporator coil, the condensing unit is responsible for pumping refrigerant liquid to the evaporator coil to be evaporated into gas.

Ductwork: Your ductwork gets the cool or warm air where it needs to be in your home. Typically made of lightweight aluminum, but could also be manufactured from other material or fabrics.

Furnace: Through one of the four heat sources (combustion, electric resistance, heat pump or solar energy), your furnace acts as the key component of your HVAC system by distributing a supply of heat to your home. Since it’s also the largest component of your system you will usually find it in a finished basement or cellar.

Heat exchanger: Found inside the furnace, this component listens to the thermostat and turns on your furnace when it needs to start working. It also pulls in cool air for heating.

Refrigerant lines: These narrow tubes made of durable heat and cold resistant metal, such as copper or aluminum, carry refrigerant gas away from the condensing unit and bring it to the evaporator coil in liquid form.

Thermostat: This is the part of your HVAC system that you see and connect with everyday. Set on an accessible wall, the thermostat allows you to manually control your home’s desired temperature or program it in advance. It also detects the current temperature of your home and responds accordingly.

Vents: Vents are the individualized outlets that bring heat or cooled air to each room. Usually located on or near the ceiling, vents can be manually controlled just like the vents in our car – managing the level of airflow in each room.

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