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Radiant Floor Heating: Cost Vs. Benefits

Considering some good ole’ radiant floor heating? Many homeowners ask if this kind of heating method is worth the installation costs. Our answer is, well, it depends on your wants and needs.

To asses if you personally would benefit from a radiant floor heating installation, see our cost vs. benefits guide below:


The biggest cost that comes with a radiant floor heating system is the installation itself. Since the system needs to be built in, under the floor. Having to lift your floor includes the expense of putting down a new one. A few ways you can get around it?

  • If your also planning to install new flooring, killing two birds with one stone might be a good idea
  • Radiant wall panels are an alternative that doesn’t involve tearing up the floor

It’s important to know that price also varies depending on which type you choose. While hydronic floor heating is more expensive to install than electric, it could cost a little less to run. You might want to think about the amount of material and usage your looking to get out of this upgrade in order to decide which type is right. Also keep in mind that installation costs are different depending on if they’re being built into a new or existing home.


The compromised cost does not come without reward. A radiant floor heating system is three important things – “quiet, even and comfortable.” It is specifically great for people with allergies because forced air is not blowing dust and particles through the home. Plus, you’ll probably notice your home’s air is a lot less dry – and don’t forget that 25-50 percent reduction on heating bills! That will definitely catch your eye. These savings are due to the level of efficiency that comes with radiant floor heating. It heats more evenly and can also be better regulated.

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