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Various Insulation Types for Your Home

Choosing an insulation material for your home can get confusing. With the various insulation types out there, it is important to know the major benefits of each before deciding which type is right for your home.

Find a quick breakdown of the basic insulation materials below:

Fiberglass insulation: The most common type of insulation, this material is relatively inexpensive and is also quite easy to install. A major advantage is that it’s non-flammable and water-resistant.

Mineral wool insulation: Thought similar to fiberglass, this type can be a bit more expensive and harder to find. Typically dusty when handled and causing the same itchy reaction that fiberglass can cause, this loose fill is blown in. A negative aspect of mineral wool is that it settles over time causing it to become less effective.

Cellulose insulation: This organic, loose-fill material is made from recycled paper making it an Eco-friendly alternative. The disadvantage, however, is that is absorbs moisture, eventually making it dense and decreasing it’s insulation value.

*Quick tip: Always protect skin with gloves, breathing apparatus, protective clothing, goggles and a hat when handling insulation materials.

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