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As much of an inconvenience as power outages are, they are inevitable. During the summer months when everyone is running their AC units, there is an overload of energy being used and this will increase the amount of blackouts that occur. Going without air conditioning in the summertime can be exhaustingly hot. If you’re ever caught in a power outage during the summertime, here’s how you can stay cool:

Keep the Sun Out – First and foremost, shut the blinds and keep your curtains closed. Indoor temperatures can rise up to 20 degrees from direct sunlight entering your home. If almost 30 percent of the unwanted heat in your home comes from your windows, then keeping them blocked will certainly keep the temperature down.

No Stoves or Ovens – Don’t even think about cooking indoors. Baking or using your stove top will add unwanted heat to your already warm home. If it is necessary to use one of the two, wait until it is after dark when the temperature drops slightly. Keep the heat outside, so turn to the barbeque and start grilling.

Behind Closed Doors – Keep some rooms closed off from the rest of the house. If the power has just gone out and there is still some cool air left in some rooms, close off the warmer rooms. Other doors to keep closed can include rooms with too much direct sunlight.

Cool Your Body – Break out the iced tea and lemonade! Cold drinks can help cool you off from the inside out. (Remember to keep the refrigerator and freezer closed as often as possible during power outages.) Other ways to cool your body include putting cold water on a cloth or towel and letting it rest on pulse-points, as well as wearing light cotton clothing.

A power outage during the summer when it’s hot out sounds like a bad nightmare, but it happens. Luckily, you can use some of these tips to stay cool when the power does goes out. If your AC doesn’t seem to be getting the job done when the power does come back on, contact Schmidt Mechanical! Our professionals can rush over to your house for a free estimate, all you need to do is pick up the phone. Give us a call at (210) 361-7002. Visit our website for more information.