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Leaving Your Air Conditioner on During a Thunderstorm

When a thunderstorm hits on a hot summer’s day, you’ll feel tempted to keep yourself cool and dry by leaving your AC running. But truth be told, leaving your air conditioner on during a storm can be dangerous. Moreover, both the temperature and humidity outside will drop when a storm hits, which means you can stay comfortable without the use of your cooling system.

However, if you decide you want to leave your AC on during a thunderstorm, here are three things you should know:

Know about lightning. “Where there’s thunder, there’s lightning”. This saying is important to keep in mind when a storm hits. Why? Because although lightning strikes are statistically rare, you want to be prepared for when they do occur. The biggest thing to know is that a strike can cause 5 billion joules of energy to travel through your electric in less than a second, which means your air conditioner could be completely ruined if it attacks your wiring.

Know the damage. If you decide to leave your AC on during a storm, you should still understand the type of damage that can be done if lightning hits. Because air conditioners are protected by insulation, it’s not likely that the casing will get hot during a lightning strike; however, it is possible that the power surge may melt the plug and damage the electrical circuits in your air conditioner’s control panel.

Know about surge protectors. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a surge protector will keep your air conditioner safe. Although surge protectors are used to shield your appliances from power spikes, they are not necessarily capable of guarding them against lightning. With that being said, if you live in a state that’s prone to heavy storms, consider building a protection system that consists of metal rods above and below your house. This type of system should ensure that lightning strikes a rod before hitting your home or electrical circuits.

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