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5 Key Features of HVAC Systems

It’s common for new homeowners to fall in love with their upgraded kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, and beautiful hardwood floors. The problem here is that HVAC systems are often overlooked and after a few weeks or months of being in your home, you may find yourself dissatisfied with the setup of your heating and cooling setup.

Save yourself the disappointment by making a checklist of important features to look for upon entering a new home:

1. Location of units.

When you want peace and quiet, the last thing you need is a noisy outdoor unit. The number one rule is to keep it away from your bedroom. As for the indoor unit, it’s important to properly mount them where they are least prone to cause damage. For example, attic-mounted furnaces will leak and cause damage to your ceiling. Instead, place them in closets at floor level where they are less likely to start leaking.

2. Design and type of duct work.

It’s important that your ducts are sized and balanced properly so that your home stays comfortable all season long. The most efficient ductwork? Externally insulated round ducts are the way to go!

3. The refrigerant.

Did you know federal law requires that R-22 refrigerant be phased out this year? When R-22 refrigerant goes away, available remains will be pricey, so eco-friendly systems are highly recommended. Try R0410A.

4. A filter dryer.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your unit’s compressor, install a filter-dryer in the air conditioner liquid line (the smaller one). This will remove any damaging moisture and dirt.

5. The condenser coil type

. Coils made of metals such as aluminum coil or copper coil last longer and are more efficient, especially when it rains. This type of weather can cause rusting. Bonus tip: it’s recommended that coated coils be used where salt spray is encountered.

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