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Tips to Save Energy and Money This Summer

When hot weather rolls in, it’s easy to forget how much energy we use and thus, the amount of money we lose. Don’t make the mistake this summer of going over your budget! Here’s five ways to save both energy and money:

Shut blinds and windows. We know that sunlight and humidity easily heats up a home, so close your blinds and windows in the day and open them at night – an energy-efficient way to keep you cool on a low budget!

Turn off extra freezers or refrigerators. Especially if they’re outdoors or in the garage all summer where heat accumulates. Unless you’re having a Memorial Day Weekend or July 4th gathering, you’ll benefit from shutting them off when not in use. Take it one step further – have your old fridge or freezer picked up for recycling – a great way to earn cash and give back to the environment!

Unplug electronics and appliances. Pull the cord when they’re not in use. Better yet, plug your TV, DVD player, and computer into one power strip to save maximum energy. It’s easy to forget, but shut off your power strips when you take a break from the electronics.

Reduce pool filtration time. 30 minute increments a day should do the trick. Cut back on time as long as the water looks clean. Don’t stop there! Install a timer to control the time your pool pump cycles.

Minimize indoor heat. Instead of running the dryer and dishwasher on hot days, do the cleaning at night and let your dishes air dry. You’re also better off skipping the oven. Opt for the microwave or toaster so less heat radiates throughout your house.

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