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Finding Air Leaks in Your Home

Even if you have the most perfectly working HVAC system in your home, that still won’t stop drafts from creeping in. Why? The answer is air leaks.

Air leaks are tiny holes in your home that can waste a lot of your energy money. To get rid of air leaks and stop comfortable temperatures from escaping, the best thing you can do is test your home for seams, cracks, and openings. Here’s how:

Feel with your hand – On a cold and windy day, you will be able to feel the pressure of cool air rushing into your home. Place your hand in from of exterior doors and windows, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and baseboards. Any of these places will let you know whether or not cold air pressure is rushing through your home.

Try the candle trick – On a day when it’s not too cold or windy outside, try this trick: shut off your central AC or heating system, walk around your home with a lit candle, and notice each movement of the candle. The direction of the flame should guide you towards any air leaks in your home.

Look for cracks – The caulking on the inside and outside of your windows should be sealed tightly. But in the case that you see cracks in the caulking, you might need to reapply as needed. If you don’t see cracks but still suspect your windows are a problem area, use the air pressure hand trick.

Thermal detector – Thermal detectors are simple tools, designed to find temperature differences throughout the home. Point this device towards areas where you suspect you might have air leaks and watch the color on the device change depending on the temperature it senses.

If you detect any air leaks, be sure to mark them for reference so you can go back and fix later.

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